Our Story

About Ascender Commerce

Ascender Commerce started like many web design company, in the backroom of the house, in 1996. Our CEO, developed websites for the U.S. Navy and started helping small businesses get a presence on the Internet.

In 2000, decided she wanted to start selling online. He started out using other people’s shopping carts to learn that none of them helped the search engines index the category and product pages. Solution after solution failed.

Tiring of the failures, He decided he would create an e-commerce software that would have at its core the following essential features:

  • * The software helped the searchbots navigate to and index all the webpages within the website
  • * All elements used for in-page and on-site SEO could be configured independently
  • * Storeowners could manage their own stores with little to no assistance
  • * The software would comply with or exceed all security requirements

The software He created was originally called Apple Pie Shopping Cart. Today, we’re known as Ascender Commerce.

Our software packages include:

  • * Ascender Cart®: Our SEO friendly e-commerce software.
  • * Ascender Blog™: A blog software designed to increase your internal links.
  • * Ascender CMS™: A content management system incorporated into Ascender Cart and usable on its own.
  • * Ascender Analytics™: A complete web analytics package incorporated into Ascender Cart or available standalone.

Today, Ascender serves a broad array of clients across the globe.

When you put your trust into Ascender, your putting your trust into a global standard in e-commerce.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us immediately at or questions@ascendercart.com.