Secure Site Certificates

Secure Site Certificates

Choose from three levels of protection to safeguard your customers' credit card information during the purchase process. Each level provides greater assurance to your customers helping alleviate any concerns and fears.

Price: Starting at $89/yr

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SSL Certificates

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Online shoppers need assurance their personal and credit card information is being given to a secure website. That assurance is delivered clearly when they see the secure site lock appear on their browser.

Your Customer's Concern: Personal Security
Your Goal: Making Your Website Safe & Secure

Secure site certificates provide varying levels of security and methods of identifying a website is secure. These include ...


Security Locks

All levels of SSL certificates display a security lock in the browser (location may change depending on the browser), as well as redirecting your http:// domain to an https:// domain.


SSL Trust Logos & Seals

SSL trust seals can be displayed on your website to let your visitors know that your site has been verified on "today's date" and is secure.

SBS Secure

Extended Validation (EV) Green URL Bars

SSL certificates that display this green bar in the URL are an extra assurance to your customers to ensure that they feel safe providing you with their personal information, and that their information is always secure and safe on your website.

Green Bar URL
Customer Shopping Tools Features
  Basic SSL Plus SSL Ev SSL
Encryption Level 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit
99% Browser Compatibility Yes Yes Yes
Browser Security Lock Yes Yes Yes
Trust Logo Static  Dynamic  
EV Green URL Bar     Yes
Warranty   $100K $500K
Installation FREE FREE FREE
Price $89/yr $149/yr $399/yr
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