Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization

With everyone saying they're SEO friendly, search engine friendly, search engine optimized, how do I know the truth?

What does it mean to be PageRank 2.0 Compliant?

Do other companies offer URL migration?

What's keyword mapping and how does it help me?

Will Ascender continue to develop and patent SEO technology?

Network Operations and Connectivity

What kind of servers does Ascender use?

What is RAID 10 disk configuration?

Does Ascender Provide Payment Processing Features?

Does Ascender use any form of Content Delivery Network?

What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

What about website and database backup?

Does Ascender use off-site backup?

Support Options

What kind of support options does Ascender provide?

During what hours can I reach a real person?

What happens if I need emergency help over the weekend or holiday?

What if I get locked out of the server?

What if the server goes down?