Many states concluded they increasingly lose tax revenues due to online sales. Avoid confusion and frustration associated with complying to sales tax regulations in each state. TaxCloud frees you from the concerns of assessing, collecting, and remitting proper sales tax by taking care of it for you.

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Key Benefits

  • * Compliance with the Streamlined Sales Tax Project (SSTP)
  • * Accurate sales tax assessment, collection, and remittance
  • * Complies with sales tax holidays
  • * Remittance and paperwork processed for you


  • * Sales taxes based upon product classes
  • * Instantly calculates sales tax for any US address
  • * Prepares monthly state-by-state reports on sales tax collected
  • * Monitors and updates changes to tax rates and tax holidays
  • * Manages easy-to-use entity exemption certificates
  • * Verifies shipping address
  • * Registers sellers with all state agencies
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