Keyword Mapping

Keyword Mapping

Regain control over your destiny and visitors. Search engines do their best to find the most relevant pages for every keyword possible. Unfortunately, they sometimes miss the mark leading to high bounce rates and low conversions. Now, Google blames it on you; don't let Google devalue your pages/website because of things you can now control.

Price: $150/mo

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Key Benefits

  • * Brings PPC URL targeting to SEO
  • * Decreased bounce rates
  • * Increased sales
  • * Strong ROI


  • * Manage keyword target URLs
  • * Map keywords to specific URLs
  • * Reduces bounce rates
  • * Increases conversions
  • * Easy to manage
  • * Set and forget
  • * Edit/modify target URLs
  • * Override mappings with tracking variables
  • * Use tracking variables in conjunction with PPC campaigns
  • * Patent pending
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